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How the Body Shapes the Way We Think download

How the Body Shapes the Way We Think by Josh C. Bongard, Rodney Brooks, Rolf Pfeifer, Shun Iwasawa

How the Body Shapes the Way We Think

How the Body Shapes the Way We Think download lI4ST6e

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How the Body Shapes the Way We Think Josh C. Bongard, Rodney Brooks, Rolf Pfeifer, Shun Iwasawa ebook
Format: pdf
ISBN: 0262162393, 9780262162395
Publisher: The MIT Press
Page: 409

Kitano reviews a new book in Nature (PDE of review here): How the Body Shapes the Way We Think: A New View of Intelligence. What’s mine communicating to you? From housebound Ogilvy & Mather created this ad for Dove featuring « real » women with « real » shapes. (According to 2005: Keeping with the theme of « real » bodies, Nike’s « I love my butt » ads celebrated strong athletic forms. 2005: Keeping with Want to know how ads changed the way we think about sex? The ‘considered harmful’ police are probably the equivalent of political correctness — it doesn’t so much shape the way you think or make you better, more it reminds you that there is a large invisible group of people that apparently feel if your language has words for left and right when you’re talking about something positioned relative to your body, but if you’re just trying to navigate somewhere or looking for something, your language doesn’t affect your thinking. From this, we expanded the ‘shrink-wrap’ to match how we much flesh we think existed around the different parts of the skeleton. And there’s a lot of reason to believe that this is a valid way to look at this. No really–they just don’t care the way we think they do. But the way women have been portrayed in advertising has changed over the decades, and changed the way society views women because of it. Rolf Pfeifer has been one of the pioneers of a new approach in artificial intelligence (« new AI »), which stresses the importance of embodiment – how the body shapes the way we think. When we think about communication, we think about interactions. Finally, the embodied approach accounts for the interactions of intelligent agents with their environment and acknowledges that intelligence requires a body. So what is your body language communicating to me? This was based on both detailed Hutchinson concludes, “What was great about this project for us is that we were able to reconstruct the evolution of whole body dimensions in extinct animals in a quantitative way for the first time, and yet that way was honest about how much we don’t know about those dimensions. Her work has provided new insights on the controversial question of whether the languages we speak shape the way we think (see Sapir-Whorf hypothesis). (You know what men’s ideal body shape is for a woman? By Rolf Pfeifer & Josh Bongard, Bradford Books: 2006.

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